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My name is Danny, I’m the founder and lead producer of Form A Circle. After training at RADA, I was a professional actor for a decade. Harnessing the power of the human voice to tell stories is in my bones.

Working closely with premium sportswear, wellness and technology companies. I draw on my previous career as a performer delivering meaning and emotion through language to help you harness the narrative of your brand and connect to a larger audience through the power of story.

Form A Circle was born from a desire to help businesses and individuals bring their stories and ideas to life through the spoken word - a practice that’s been the cornerstone of human connection for millennia.

Podcasts are unquestionably the most impactful medium of the modern age. They’ve swiftly become an indispensable tool to get your message out to the world today. 

With our range of bespoke tailored packages and one-off services, we pride ourselves on collaborating with you to meet your goals, specifications, and standards.

Want to know more about what we do and how we can help? Get in touch and let's start telling your story.

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